Phantom Stock Gives Family Firms a Leg Up– Changes in Tax & Securities Law make this pay strategy even more effective in hiring key recruits

My Autumn 2004 article in the magazine Family Business:  The Guide for Family Companies, which describes the technique and uses of “phantom stock”.  This technique enables a business to keep its stock in the family and still give a key non-family employee all the economic benefits achievable through stock or options ownership – appreciation, capital gains, dividends.  My article can also help in my other client niches:  startup companies, executives, consultants.  For example, phantom stock can provide economic benefits of equity…to non-resident aliens or other ineligible S Corp shareholders … to non-employee consultants … to executives of non-profit corporations.




If you are engaged as an employee or owner of a family business or other closely held, profit or non-profit business that might benefit from phantom stock or other arrangement offering key incentives when stock is not available and you have questions or need assistance, please let me know.