Executive Employment Attorney Work: For C-Level and Senior Executives


As a senior executive or employee, how can Robert Adelson help you in his work as a business and tax attorney? Rob’s law work continues to focus as one of his client niches on Executive Employment Representations.

rob_2016In the executive employment field, I use my 30-years business and tax experience (including tax training with an LL.M. in Taxation from NYU, received in 1986), to bring quality representation to senior executives in a wide range of fields in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and around the country.

In this work I represent the CEO, or other C-Level executives (COO, CMO, CSO, CTO, CFO etc.), or other senior executives such as VPs and Directors, on your personal employment, equity, change of control, severance or wrongful termination situation.

Typical Assignments

My work typically involves structuring, negotiating, drafting  or advising on any one or more of the following:

Executive Video

Here also is a link to a video on my work representing executives on employment terms, equity, compensation, severance, change of control and wrongful termination.




My Website for Executives

You are welcome to visit my website focused on my work representing CEOs, C-Level and senior executives, LINK:   www.ExecutiveEmploymentAttorney.com

Client Testimonials

Here is a further link to testimonials of my work from a number of executives I have represented in this field, LINK: http://www.executiveemploymentattorney.com/Testimonials/

Past Success Stories

You can also see case examples of my accomplishments for CEOs, C-Level and other senior executives, from various fields with employers in Massachusetts, and around the country.  http://www.executiveemploymentattorney.com/Representative-Cases/

Recent Presentations

In recent years, I have given several presentations for organizations that offer information and education to executives, including the following:

  • “What to Know Before Negotiating Your Next Raise, Compensation Plan and/or Employment Agreement”, one-hour seminar for the company, ExecSense, national webinar series based in San Francisco – the tape has until quite recently been (and may still be)  available for purchase through the website https://www.execsense.com/ 
  • “Employment Termination and Severance Negotiations”, one–hour seminar for the group Blitztime – outline available on request
  • Negotiating your Employment Agreement while on the Job, one–hour webinar for the MIT CEO Network
  • “Employment Contracting 101:  Negotiating Physician Employment Contracts with Group Practices” , one hour webinar sponsored by the Massachusetts Medical Society, Young Physicans Committee. The groups I work with and services I perform on my “day job” as a Boston business and tax attorney.

Let me know if you would like me to send you slides from any of these presentations, or if I can be of help in an executive employment, equity, change of control, or separation situation. Please email me at radelson@engelschultz.com or call 617-875-8665.