Negotiating your Next Raise or Employment Agreement

On March 4th , I spoke for an hour for  a call-in webinar for my seminar on executive employment and equity agreements given for ExecSense Webinars (successor to Reed Seminars).  The title of this seminar is What Sales Executives Need to Know Before Negotiating Their Next Raise, Compensation Plan or Employment Agreement” . If you are a sales or marketing executive  interested in this seminar, the CD along with Power-Points and supplementary files can be purchased directly from ExecSense.  The seminar includes focus on these areas:

  • Executive cash compensation, benefits and bonus structure including 409A issues;
  • Equity structures including restricted stock, options, SARs and phantom stock;
  • Expenses, tax gross-ups, temporary and permanent relocation provisions
  • Termination, severance and change of control provisions
  • Non-compete, non-solicitation and other restrictive covenants.

My materials include frequently asked questions on how to handle negotiations, plus case studies drawn from my past representations of Vice President-Sales and Chief Marketing Officers  and other business executives.


For information or to order the CD from ExecSense, go to:

For an outline of a presentation I gave in January 2010 similar to this one,  Negotiating Your Employment Agreement While on the Job, LINK:

If you or a colleague is a marketing or sales executive engaged in or contemplating a negotiation over salary, bonus, benefits, equity or employment terms and you have questions or need assistance,  please let me know.


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