VC or Angel Funding of Your Company

How to Fund your Company


This is an article of mine published April 29, 2013, by Small Business Opportunities magazine and visible on the magazine’s website.


This is an article on the funding of early stage companies by venture capital groups or angel investor groups. Among the questions discussed in the article, are the following:


  • Why do angels and VC’s invest?


  • What are the differences between angels and VC’s? – In the composition of their groups? – In their types of investments each makes?


  • What does your company need to do to get investment?


  • What are VC’s and angels looking for? What kinds of companies are they investing in? What kinds of companies are hot now?


  • How does an investment proceed – what are the stages or timeline you go through to get angel investment?


  • How will your relationship with the investor change after an investment is made?


If your company is seeking investment or needs to negotiate the terms of investment and needs advice or legal representation, please do give me a call or shoot me an email.


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