Transforming Ideas into Successful Companies: Sept. 6, 2011

Transforming an Idea into a Successful Company

Next month, on Tuesday September 6, 2011 at 7pm I will moderate a panel on this subject for the IEEE Entrepreneurs’ Network (ENET) at the Foley Hoag Emerging Enterprise Center, 1000 Winter Street, North Entrance in Waltham, Massachusetts.  This event will kick off  ENET’s 21th year. Learn what it takes to transform your idea into a successful company from those who have done it.  Learn from three entrepreneurs who have stepped out on their own and had success in launching and developing their companies. This meeting will focus on things the entrepreneur did in the early days – planning, organizing and actions launching – that ultimately led to a successful venture.  Our three speakers, whom I recruited and who will each offer their experience starting companies and also investing in and raising money for companies (besides founding and leading companies from the idea stage onward, one speaker has also been a seed stage investor and another has been an investment banker), are as follows:

  • Paul Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Intelligent Integration Systems, Inc. (, which produces software and systems utilizing massively parallel processing data warehouses. Earlier, he was a principal at Seed Partners, LLC, an early-stage investment company and served on Seed portfolio company boards including Zipcar, GeneXP Biosciences, which he served as founding CEO, and Predictive Networks, which he co-founded.
  • Eric Eisbrenner, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Respiratory Motion, Incorporated, ( ,  a medical device company focused on the development of innovative devices to monitor respiratory variation.  Eric has over 35 years of extensive and varied experience in executive positions with small to medium-sized organizations, including most recently Vidacare Corp. a medical device company he co-founder and was involved in all aspects of building Vidacare to $35 million in sales.
  •  Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder and CEO of Practically Green (, a smart, fun and easy online service that motivates people to make healthy green changes at home, at work and in their community.  Previously, Susan spent nine years at The New York Times Company, most recently as senior vice president, digital for Boston Globe Media, where she ran, one of the largest news and information sites on the web.  She has previous start-up experience as co-founder and president of a venture-backed web business, Abridge Inc.

For more information or to register for this meeting, go to

Hopefully, this networking event will be helpful to entrepreneurs in small and early stage companies I represent.  Hope you too can join us.

*      *     *

I remain active in ENET, a Waltham-based group that aids entrepreneurs, small and early stage companies, and people who invest or work in those companies.  I have been on the ENET Board for the last nine years, and for the last two years have served as ENET’s Chairman. In May, I was re-elected to a second 2-year term.

In recent years, I’ve moderated meetings on “Licensing Technology”,  “Building a Superior Management Team” ,  Raising first money to take your company from nothing to something”,  “Launching a Successful Business”  and ”Legal Challenges to the Startup”.

Let me know if you would like my slides from any of those meetings.  I look forward to another good year for ENET.  Again, if you would like more information on our group, go to


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