Trademarks, Service Marks and Copyrights: Legal Protections and Use as Assets for Consultants and Early Stage Companies

This is my January 2006 presentation for on the above subject as part of a panel “Legal Challenges to the Startup Company” for Boston Entrepreneurs Network (ENET) in Waltham, MA.   My presentation covered various issues including

  • Offensive and defensive uses of trademarks and service marks,
  • Benefits of federal registration of trademarks
  • “ITU” filings when you have a product idea
  • Hurdles and pitfalls of  “prosecution” of trademarks,
  • Definition, scope and uses of copyrights,
  • Benefits of Federal registration of copyrights,
  • Special copyright deposit requirements, fair use and other defenses and enforcement issues,
  • Role of trademarks and copyrights in an intellectual property portfolio.

For the  power-point slides to this presentation, LINK:

(Then, page down to “January 3, 2006 – Protecting Your Intellectual Property” and click on “Trademarks, Service Marks and Copyrights”.)

If you have any difficulty with this link, let me know and I can e-mail you the slides.

If you are an entrepreneur or consultant, an inventor, marketer or author and you want to protect the good will of a product or service or safeguard your rights in a work or your creation and you have questions or need assistance, please let me know.


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