Trademarks Consultation – Complimentary

For those who are considering trademark protection, I offer a complimentary initial consultation.

This spring offer is good for the month of April until April 30th.

The subject for the consultation will be to discuss whether your planned trademark is on its face likely to pass or whether it might be barred as generic or descriptive.  Marks can include trade names, logos or slogans for goods or services you are marketing or plan to market, where you want to protect your brand name and the good will you are building in your mark.  I would also go over the requirements for Federal registration in terms of specimens and required interstate commerce.  This would include discussion of potentially using an ITU – intent to use registration if the mark is not yet or insufficiently in interstate commerce.


If after the initial free consultation, you decide you wish to register one or more trademarks, I would then be glad to be engaged to register the mark on a use-based or ITU-based registration application.  At that time, we would also go into which among the 46 classes of goods or services your product and/or services fit into and which you wish to register for and the details of your product description we would craft for filing.

After the application, I would represent you in the prosecution process until the mark is registered with the Patent and Trademark Office and then later in the further periodic filings required with PTO over the years to keep and maintain your Federal registration.

To arrange a “Free Trademarks Consultation” – e-mail me at , with your name, address, daytime phone. I look forward to working with you!

Rob Adelson


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