Trademarks And Service Marks: Legal Protections And Use As Assets For Life Science Companies And Services

This was a presentation I gave on October 1, 2014, as one of three speakers for the monthly Forum meeting of the Medical development Group (MDG) in Waltham.  The subject of the Forum was Intellectual Property Approaches To Safeguard Value for Life Science Companies?”   This MDG Forum meeting  covered three key areas of intellectual property protection that may be used to safeguard the value for  medical device and other life science companies: patents, trademarks and trade secrets.


In my portion of the evening’s program, I discussed development and use of trademarks as business assets and safeguarding their value in medical device and life sciences product and service businesses and product lines including:

  • Value of choosing “suggestive” brand names for businesses, products and services,
  • Benefits of availability searches and then seeking Federal protection
  • Protecting of brand names in use and those desired on an Intent To Use (ITU) basis
  • Costs and benefits in safeguarding trademarks
  • Pitfalls to avoid loss of trademark protection

To see my slides from that MDG Forum presentation, go to this LINK: 


Hope early stage medical device and life science entrepreneurs and those involved in growing medical device and life science companies will find my presentation  that evening of benefit.


If you have any questions on this presentation or on trademark protection for you device, product, service, company or brand name, please do contact me.