Executive Employment Contracts for Women CEOs – Terms and Negotiations

One week ago, on April 25, 2017, CEOWorld magazine published an article I wrote on  “Executive Employment Contracts for Women CEOs – Terms and Negotiations.” 

Despite significant advances in employment laws, gender inequality remains an area of both concern and controversy. Women continue to lag behind men, even at the CEO, C-suite and senior executive level, when it comes to compensation, opportunity for advancement, job status and equity sharing, to name just a few.
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Negotiating severance and making employment termination

Negotiating severance and making employment termination a lucrative farewell is what Robert Adelson does best. In June 2012, Attorney Adelson represented the COO of a Texas software company, whom we will call Bill Harper (keeping the client’s real name and company confidential) and worked with Mr. Harper to negotiate his employment contract. Mr. Harper was unhappy with his current severance package and felt that his time spent working and helping the software company grow was not being given the fair attention it deserved. Upon representation, Mr. Harper expressed his concerns and went to Attorney Adelson. As a result, Attorney Adelson was able to negotiate severance with the software company, arranging a more rewarding exit for Mr. Harper. Employment termination and severance packages are factors that every executive employee needs to be prepared to deal with. Robert Adelson makes sure that his clients are able to voice their wants and needs about their severance, allowing them a comfortable exit for the future.

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