Capital Efficiency and Exit Strategy: April 12, 2012

Structuring your Financing for Capital Efficiency and Exit Strategy

Later this week, on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 730am, I will serve as moderator for the meeting of 128 Innovation Capital Group (128 ICG), at the IBM Conference Center, 404 Wyman Street, North Entrance in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Our speaker, whom I recruited, will be William McPhee, an investor with Boston Harbor Angels and Board member at The Capital Network.

The topic for the meeting is:  “In today’s competitive market, how to structure your financing for capital efficiency and appropriate exit strategy.”  Many entrepreneurs are so excited to receive a term sheet that they give little thought beyond receiving their funding. Bill will discuss how decisions made at the beginning of your financing can have an impact not only on how you run your company, but also on how you exit the business.

Bill has over 25 years of experience in venture capital, transactions, and strategy and operations consulting. He is currently Managing Director at Praxis Advisors, a partnership of four senior executives that works with managers, directors and investors of early stage medtech businesses to monetize life science technology. Bill was previously Founder and Managing General Partner at Mi3 Venture Partners, where he created strategy for an early stage fund focused on bioengineering. Prior to that, he was Director of Outsourced Business Development Services for Health Advances LLC, a life science strategy consulting boutique. Bill was also Founder and Managing Director at management consulting firms Kenilworth Advisors and Lucas, McPhee & Company. His most recent projects include a photon-based anti-infection therapy, a new generation heart pump, and a portfolio of technologies/products to treat glaucoma.

For more information or to register for this meeting, go to

Hopefully, this topic and meeting will be helpful to entrepreneurs in small and early stage companies I represent.

*      *     *

I remain active at 128 ICG, a Waltham-based group that aids and provides a networking opportunity to entrepreneurs, small and early stage companies, and people who invest or work in those companies.

128 Innovation Capital Group (, is now in its 8th year since, as a founder, I helped that group re-emerge from the 128 Venture Capital Group (founded in 1982).  I’ve been a 128 ICG board member since 2004 and recruited speakers and moderated twelve of the twenty-six past meetings of 128 ICG in 2010-2012, including the following:

  • Alternative Funding Models for Clean Technology.  February 9, 2012, with Eric Emmons, Investment Partner at Siemens Venture Capital and head of the Siemens Venture Capital’s Energy Fund.  
  • What’s Your Company’s Value Proposition? How Are You Viewed by Investors, Customers and Employees? October 13, 2011, with Jack Derby, member of Common Angels.  
  • Management Team, Board of Directors, Advisory Board – How to Best Utilize  Your Company’s Talent, August 11, 2011, with Jenny Freeman, M.D., member of Boston Harbor Angels
  • How Social Marketing Transformed the Gaming Sector: Social Gaming vs. Traditional Gaming, February 10, 2011, with Dayna Grayson, Principal at North Bridge Venture Partners.  
  • Habits of Highly Effective Management Teams, November 11, 2010, with Elliot Katzman, General Partner of Commonwealth Capital Ventures.  
  • The 5 Things you MUST KNOW about Raising Angel Investment, October 14, 2010, with Hambleton Lord, Managing Partner of Launchpad Venture Group.
  • Mobile Innovation in New England: Entrepreneurial Opportunities for the Future, April 8, 2010, with Sean Marsh, CoFounder and General Partner, Point Judith Capital.

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