SBIR Government Grants Can Bootstrap Startup Businesses

My article on this subject was published in Mass High Tech, under title “Federal grants are an overlooked option for bootstrapping startups”.  The article was targeted to smaller companies, coping with harder times, trying to raise and retain capital.  My article was intended to provide entrepreneurs, inventors and developers information on government financing options using SBIR and STTR grants.  For the early stage technology-based business, this is a chance to gain seed capital with no strings attached.  It invites peer review and can gain credibility with key players in your market segment.  Grants are available for product development in software, medical device, biotech, e-commerce and in other high tech and low-tech fields. So, I hope you find this of help.

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If you are trying to bootstrap a startup business and have questions regarding SBIRs other government grants or other techniques to fund and build your startup to commercialization, I am glad to assist.  please do reach out to me at