Renegotiation of Executive Employment Contacts

When Is A Deal Not Necessarily A Deal: Renegotiation of Executive Employment Agreements

This is a 6-page article I co-authored with Laurence Stybel, published in two installments April 8-9, 2008 by webzine AlwaysOn.  Using Larry’s background in executive management and coaching and mine in employment law representing executives and employees, we discussed timing and negotiation strategies for senior executives who feel a need to improve on their current terms of employment. In part 2, we set out key terms to seek as part of the “revision” or “updating” of the employment agreement in light of changed conditions. Such revised terms could include the following:

  • Break-out bonus,
  • Tax favored equity,
  • Greater support and visibility, and
  • Refocusing (narrowing) of non-compete

These articles speak to executives who may accept lesser terms due to the economic downturn and want to improve those terms when the opportunity arises.

For my article, LINK:     or

If questions arise or assistance is needed on an issue of employment contracts negotiation, employee stock or options, or a non-compete, whether you are considering a renegotiation of your current employment position or negotiation of an offer for a new job or terminating your current position, please let me know.



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