Preparing your Company for Investment – Angel & VC Term Sheet Negotiations – Post-Deal Relations

This was a presentation I gave in June 2008 for TiE Leadership Workshop in Waltham, Massachusetts. For much of the presentation, I discussed how, in order to gain investment, a company must first put its house in order including legal due diligence in the following areas:

  • Business entity, capital and debt structure,
  • Management team, employee relations and incentives,
  • Commercial contracts, including any licensing agreements
  • Patents, trademarks and other intellectual property issues
  • Assets, liabilities and any regulatory issues.

I then discussed negotiating with angels and VCs, the term sheet and key financial and control terms, and then the documentation through to the closing the financing transaction. I concluded with a discussion of the post-funding relationship between company management and investors.

For presentation outline, see LINK: