Physician Employment Contract

Negotiating Physician Employment Contracts with Group Practices

On  January 21, 2014, I gave a webinar for the Mass Medical Society, Young Physicians Committee, and BayState Financial from my office in Boston, MA, on “Employment Contracting 101:  Negotiating Physician  Employment Contracts With Group Practices”.   The presentation  included discussion of negotiation of job offers, employment agreements, practice buy-in arrangements and also term and at-will agreements and employment termination.  Other points covered in the hour-long webinar were the following:

  • Physician Duties and Obligations, including schedule and On Call procedures
  • Salary, Bonus plans, Advances
  • Compensation based on productivity, collections or net income
  • Expense reimbursement including continuing education and relocation
  • Malpractice insurance, benefits and paid time off
  • Buy-in to the practice, criteria and terms
  • Termination, severance and  non-competes in states, where applicable

The 14-slide PowerPoint presentation I prepared is available by email to me –

Hopefully, this topic and the presentation slides will be helpful to the 41 physicians who attended my webinar that evening and others who might learn of it from the Mass Medical Society, and BayState Financial or otherwise.  It was my hope to use the presentation to open a dialog, so that they and other physicians might stay in contact with me over time.  Thus, I might be available as a resource in the event that, sometime in the future, the physician has a job offer, employment contract, termination situation or offer to join a practice, and then desires legal expertise, to assist you to review and advise you on the documents and needed terms.


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