October 2014

Hope had a nice summer and are enjoying the beginning of the fall season.  I’m writing you today to stay in touch and also update you with links to upcoming ENET and MDG events,  links to three videos from a recent ENET event, another presentation of mine, one of my articles  and more information that you may find valuable.

1.      IP Approaches To Safeguard Value:  Oct. 1, 2014  

Are you developing a brand name for your life sciences company, product or service?  If so, trademark registration can provide valuable benefits even before you go to market. Tips on that plus patents and trade secrets will be offered at MDG in Waltham, 10/1/14. More Details Here

2.       Strategic Alliances and Channel Strategy:  Oct. 7, 2014

Strategic alliances, partnerships, licensing, and channel strategies have become can be a key sources of funding, validation and other key needs to enable startups to grow, gain market share, and compete.  Learn more at ENET in Waltham, 10/7/14.  More Details Here

3.       Business Law Update

Robert Adelson, Boston attorney and partner at Engel & Shultz LLP, represents small companies, executives, independent consultants and family businesses. Learn how he can help you… More Details Here

4.       CEOs, C-level  and Senior Executives

Watch my new video … Learn about Robert Adelson’s work with C-level executives and key employees to improve job offers, employment contracts, stock, options, bonuses and retention, severance and termination arrangements and more…  More Details Here

5.      Entrepreneur Success Stories:  3 ENET Videos  

What is success?  How do you achieve it?  Male and female serial entrepreneurs from consumer, high tech and life science fields will speak of their successes and successful exits and offer tips to achieving entrepreneurial success … See 3 videos from 9/2/14 ENET meeting More Details Here

6.       Negotiating Employment, compensation, Severances

Are you facing negotiations over your current or former employment?  If so, this presentation on employment contracts, compensation and severance negotiations may benefit you..  More Details Here

7.       Succession protections for Founder CEOs

Successful CEO founder are often replaced by VCs.  Hence, it’s wise for those CEOs to plan and manage the process and take the necessary protections for their interests and all they’ve achieved.  More Details Here

8.       Autumn Offer:  Good until Oct. 31st (Halloween!) 

This month I have a value-packed offer as a way to get introduced to my law work: an employment  law diagnostic – this offer is good through 10/31/14. More Details Here

It’s always a pleasure to get back in touch with you and other clients, friends and colleagues.  I hope the links and information provided will be useful to you and that there will be an opportunity for me to work with you on legal matters in the near future.

Let’s keep in touch! 

Best regards,


Robert Adelson
617-951-9980 ext 205
Engel & Schultz LLP
One Federal Street, Boston, MA


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