October 2010 Newsletter

I hope the beginning of Fall finds you well.  I’m writing you today to stay in touch and provide this update with links to two upcoming presentations, articles I’ve written and other information you may find valuable.

1.       Securing Angel Investments: Thursday October 14th

Ham Lord, Managing Director of Launchpad Venture Group, will speak on “Five Things you MUST know” to raise angel financing for your startup company, in Waltham 10/14/10. More Details Here

2.       Networking for Fundraising Success: Monday October 18th

IEEE Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network (ENET) networking meeting in Cambridge 10/18/10, will include a conversation with Jeff Glass, Managing Director of Bain Capital, on founding and funding companies. More Details Here

3.       Business Law Update

Robert Adelson, Boston attorney and partner at Engel & Shultz LLP, represents small companies, executives and employees, independent consultants and family businesses. Learn Rob’s work areas, activities and how he can help you. More Details Here

4.       Licensing Technology

Licensing technology can help launch your company.  Learn more about royalties, license fees, milestones, equity, sublicensing, royalty stacking and more… More Details Here

5.       Using Trademarks to brand your Business

Are you developing a brand name for your company, product or service?  If so, Federal trademark registration can provide valuable benefits even before you go to market.  More Details Here

6.       Getting Paid for Your Work

Learn techniques to enhance your chances of payment as a consultant when customers are short on cash and you need the business in difficult times.  More Details Here

7.       CEO Succession

Negotiation strategies for founder CEOs who have succeeded in launching the company but face succession as VCs seek to bring in a “professional” CEO to take the company to the next level.   More Details Here

8.       Fall Offer: Good until October 31st

This month I have a value-packed offer as a way to get introduced to my law work: an employment law diagnostic – this offer is good through October 31st. More Details Here

It’s always a pleasure to get back in touch with you and other clients, friends and colleagues.  I hope the links and information provided will be useful to you and that there will be an opportunity for me to work with you on legal matters in the near future.

Let’s keep in touch!

Best regards,


Robert Adelson


617-951-9980 ext 205


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