Not Enough Cash to Entice and Hire an A-Player? Try a Different Strategy

This is an article I wrote published last Tuesday, January 25, 2011, in the on-line edition of Talent Management Magazine, in its monthly newsletter “Talent Management Perspectives.”   The article suggests strategies to cash-strapped companies seeking top talent in recruitment.   My article,  at the same time, suggests negotiation techniques for CEOs, CMOs and other top management candidates negotiating employment terms with companies unable to pay what they should but still attractive to the candidate.  The issues discussed included:

  • Signing bonuses as key to unlock golden handcuffs
  • Creative bonus structure to overcome base salary cash barrier
  • Meaningful tax-favored equity to stimulate and reward loyalty whether structured as restricted stock, RSUs, ISOs, non-quals, SARs or phantom stock.




If you are an entrepreneur or executive in a company seeking to hire or a job candidate or executive negotiating the terms of a new position and you have questions or need assistance, please let me know.