Strategic Alliances for Early Stage Companies

This was the November 7, 2006 IEEE Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network panel presentation I chaired that covered –

  • Why business alliances are important to entrepreneurs, early stage companies and investors?
  • How strategic alliances can be used and structured to obtain first funding directly or indirectly?
  • How they are used and structured to gain credibility, to leverage sales growth and to penetrate new markets?

In my portion of the presentation I also covered issues of planning, implementation and life cycle of alliances, including OEM, VAR and co-marketing arrangements and issues of benchmarking, operational goals, project teams, development, sales, marketing and distribution terms, dispute resolution and transition to successors.

For my slides, LINK: -partnerships-for-early-stage-companies/

If questions arise or assistance is needed in structuring, drafting or negotiating strategic alliances and partnership agreements for yourself, your business or your company, please let me know.   Robert Adelson at 617-951-9980 ext. 205 or


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