Networking for Entrepreneurs: Sept. 4, 2012

Networking for Entrepreneurs – What’s Worthwhile: September 4, 2012  

Next month, on Tuesday September 4, 2012 at 7pm, the IEEE Entrepreneurs’ Network (ENET) will present a panel of speakers on the above subject at the Foley Hoag Emerging Enterprise Center, 1000 Winter Street, North Entrance in Waltham, Massachusetts.  This event will kick off  ENET’s 22nd  year.  As the president of a start-up, you will build an enthusiastic, capable and successful team. To be successful, you need to circulate widely to let others know of your plans  and to identify potential contributors who bring experience, expertise, integrity and dedication to your enterprise. Expanding your existing network of friends, family and former co-workers in the most efficient manner is essential. Our September meeting will enable you to successfully identify the most productive networking opportunities. Our panel will discuss what a CEO values in networking. Our speakers will show you how to use networking to market your products and services, choose from entrepreneurs’ networking meetings where contributors congregate and use social networking to build excitement and support. Writing newsletter contributions or attending technical conferences and trade shows are also alternatives with specific advantages. You will also enjoy an evening networking with others who, like you, are trying to build a new and prosperous economy.

Though I will not moderate that night as I’ve done the last two ENET kickoff meetings, I did identify and assist in recruiting two of the three speakers and recruited the meeting moderator.  The moderator and one of the speakers I recruited are serial entrepreneurs who have used networking to build teams, find money, fill boards and important other functions in startup companies.  The speakers and moderator are as follows:

  • Beth Marcus, CEO Playrific,  who has been Founder and CEO of several successful startups, most notably EXOS, Inc., which was venture capital backed and sold to Microsoft in 1996.  Since then she has been involved in twelve (12) start-ups in a variety of fields as a founder, investor, or advisor.  She has raised equity numerous times and has also done angel investments herself.  Several of these ventures have been acquired by public companies.
  • Barbara Bix,  BB Marketing Plus,  who manages BB Marketing Plus whose clients include high- tech, health care, professional services, and financial services organizations ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. As Principal, BB Marketing Plus, Barbara has worked with more than 50 companies to build their businesses.  Barbara earned her marketing stripes at EMC, Motorola, and GE.  Before that, she co-founded a software development firm.
  • Dr. Kalyan Kalwa, MD., CoFounder, Cultivated Solutions, an IT services operation, and CEO, BioID Management, which captures bio-metric data and it to validate the identity individuals in emerging markets so that they can perform secure banking transactions   In less than one weeks’ time, by using his networking skills, he assembled a fifteen person team. He will share his use of networking and the venues that he explored with the audience.  He has also worked on innovative medical devices at MIT and did IT work for TJX, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Putnam Investments.
  • Moderator: Michael S. Chester, President, International Manufacturing Consultants,   Mike has founded and built companies, set up manufacturing operations, formed strategic partnerships, set up global joint ventures, raised over $40M for startups which he co-founded, including two based in China, and commercialized technologies. Mike advises startups in high tech, clean tech, software, and manufacturing. He is past Chair of the IEEE Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network, has served on the board of APICS Boston, and was a member of the planning committee of the MIT Enterprise Forum for over 10 years.

For more information or to register for this meeting, go to

Hopefully, this networking event will be helpful to entrepreneurs in small and early stage companies I represent.  Hope you too can join us.

*      *     *

I remain active in ENET, a Waltham-based group that aids entrepreneurs, small and early stage companies, and people who invest or work in those companies.  I have been on the ENET Board for the last ten years, and for the last three years have served as ENET’s Chairman. In May 2011, I was re-elected to a second 2-year term.

I arranged ENET’s last meeting, our annual Sunset Networking Cruise of Boston Harbor that occurred on  Tuesday evening, July 10, 2012. This cruise, our “EntrepreneurShip 2012” was also  joined by our partners MDG – Medical Development Group and the EntreTech Forum.  This was the 10th ENET summer networking cruise that I’ve arranged.  127 attended on a lovely evening with good food and company and great views of the sights of Boston Harbor including the U.S.S. Constitution at the 200th  anniversary of its naval victories in the War of 1812 when it got its nickname “Old Ironsides”.  It was a most enjoyable and casual ending to ENET’s 21st year, September 2011 to July 2012, just concluded.

In addition to my work on the Board, as Chairman and Cruise director, in recent years, I’ve moderated and/or spoken at a number of ENET panel presentations, including presentations on the following subjects:

  • “Transforming Your Idea into a Successful Company”,  September  6, 2011 (speaker and moderator),
  • “Get Going! Launching a Successful Business”, September  7, 2010 (moderator),
  •  “Licensing Technology”,  February 2, 2010 (moderator),
  •  “Building Superior Teams: Key to Growth and Funding for your Startup Company ” ,  March 3, 2009 (speaker and moderator)
  • How to Select and Retain Management for your Startup Company” ,  February 5, 2008 (speaker and moderator)
  • “Getting Initial Money to go from Nothing to Something”,October 2, 2007 (speaker and moderator)
  • “Strategic Alliances and Partnerships: to build, finance, and develop early stage companies”,  November 7, 2006 (speaker and moderator)
  • “Building Boards of Advisors and Boards of Directors”, March 7, 2006 (moderator)
  • “Protecting Your Intellectual Property”, January 3. 2006 (speaker)


For each of the above presentations, my slides and those of the other speakers on my panel are also available at the ENET web site at this link –  .    I hope this information is helpful to you in your business.  Again, if you would like more information on our group, go to


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