Negotiating your Employment Agreement

Negotiating Terms of Biotechnology Executive Employment


This is an earlier article I wrote that was originally published in Genetic Engineering News – Guide to Biotechnology Companies under the title “Negotiating Terms of Biotechnology Executive Employment”,  which was revised and published again on December 3, 2012 by the CEO Roundtable Blog, under the title “Hiring Right includes the right terms and conditions”.

Although my article is targeted to executives and scientists in bio-pharm, medical device and life science fields, the issues discussed can aid companies in all technology-based fields and others in recruitment or retention of valued personnel.

My article discusses key terms of employment and executive compensation including:

  • Signing Bonus
  • Responsibilities and Reporting
  • Salary and Performance Bonus
  • Options, RSUs and Stock Rights
  • Termination and Severance
  • Non-competes and restrictive covenant

My article suggests negotiating strategies using equity to produce a “win-win” with the new employer.


If questions arise or assistance in needed on negotiating your offer, term sheet, employment agreement or executive compensation in your own pay package or at your company, please let me know.


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