Negotiating the Terms of Executive Employment: Getting What You deserve.

My article was published in the June 2011 issue of CEO Refresher.  The article discusses negotiating opportunities for  senior executives.  It then discusses what to look for and seek in your employment contract, including “top ten” negotiable terms of executive employment contracts.

The article is addressed to senior executives in all sizes of companies including CEOs, COOs, CMOs, VP-Sales, CTO and other VP level executives.  The key terms discussed include signing bonus, meaningful equity, tax-favored equity, severance, relocation and non-competes.

While the article speaks to the senior executive, it is useful to companies as well.  The introduction to the article by CEO Refresher / Legal Refresher states:  “This article discusses negotiable employment terms and the differences between a negotiating executive and corporate reality. By thoughtfully negotiating these “Top Ten” areas, each party will gather insights that will help them make better choices.  The resulting employment contract should reflect the above-board style and approach of both parties and lay a foundation conducive to getting the best for all concerned.”

– June 2011 CEO Refresher, LINK:

– “Legal Refresher”  in CEO Refresher, LINK:     (my article is the top article listed)


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