May 2016 Business Law Newsletter

Spring is now in full swing, as the flowers and foliage return.  The season of college graduations, with Memorial Day  and summer not far off.  I’m writing you today to stay in touch and also update you.  This update includes  links to two upcoming ENET presentations, links to other presentations I moderated and gave, and an earlier published article of mine, plus a special offer that you may find valuable.

1.      Seed and Angel Financing:  May 3, 2016  

How do Angel and Seed investors for health care, clean tech and software and other tech companies approach the problem of making a good investment?  Go behind the scenes of the decision making to discover the process our three panelist-investors use to choose and to invest in emerging and seed stage companies, at ENET in Waltham 5/3/16. More Details Here

2.      The Triple Bottom Line:  May 17, 2016

Learn how some companies and impact entrepreneurs enhance financial returns while providing more benefit for non-owner stakeholders, as they seek a “triple bottom line” for people, planet and profits,  at ENET in Cambridge 5/17/16   More Details Here

3.       Business Law Update

Robert Adelson, Boston attorney and partner at Engel & Shultz LLP, represents small companies, executives, independent consultants and family businesses. Learn how he can help you… More Details Here

4.       CEOs, C-Suite  and Senior Executives

Learn about Robert Adelson’s work with C-level executives and key employees to improve job offers, employment contracts, stock, options, bonuses and retention, severance and termination arrangements and more…  More Details Here

5.      Maximizing your return as a Business Owner  

Learn various techniques that allow business owners, primarily owners of S and C corporations, to take out profits out of the business for the sole benefit of the owner.  .   More Details Here

6.       VC or Angel Funding

In this article, learn why VCs and angels invest in startup companies… what are the differences between them… what your company needs to do to gain investment… what stages to expect in the investment process and more… …  More Details Here

7.       5/2016 Offer:  Good until May 31st 

This month I have a value-packed offer as a way to get introduced to my law work: a Company Funding law diagnostic – this offer is good through 5/31/16. More Details Here

It’s always a pleasure to get back in touch with you and other clients, friends and colleagues.  I hope the links and information provided will be useful to you and that there will be an opportunity for me to work with you on legal matters in the near future.

Let’s keep in touch! 

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