Making Effective Contracts: Feb. 29, 2012

Making Effective Commercial Contracts

On Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at  7:00pm, I will be the speaker for the Collaborative Technical Consultants , the CTC Networking Group at the public library in Lexington, MA, on “Making Effective Contracts – For Consultants and Entrepreneurs in a Changing Competitive Marketplace”.  The presentation will include discussion of enforcement, certainty and cutting legal costs, plus defining your mission and scope of contract and setting out contingencies to performance, warranties and representations that each side relies upon.  Terms of commercial contracts to be discussed, will include contracts for:

  • Selling products and services – including purchase order and production contracts
  • Developing custom software – software development agreements
  • Licensing Technology and product licensing
  • Distribution of products –  including dealer, distributor and VAR agreements
  • Subcontracting consultants, service provider agreements and outsourcing services

For more information on the meeting, see

For more information on the group, see

To view my outline for that presentation, see

Hopefully, this topic and meeting will be helpful to consultants, entrepreneurs, companies and company executives.  If you or your company need a contract in any of these or other areas or have questions or needs in preparing or negotiating a contact, let me know.


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