“It’s Not About You: Multichannel Marketing for Your Prospects- ENET meeting, Nov. 1, 2016

On Tuesday November 1, 2016 at 630pm the Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network (ENET) will present a panel of three speakers on this subject at the group’s Waltham location:  Constant Contact, 1601 Trapelo Rd.,  3rd Floor, Great Room, Waltham, Massachusetts (Exit 28, I-95/Route 128).


For many startups and small businesses, marketing is a challenge because of their limited resources, whether it’s time, money or talent. Yet, they are faced with an ever growing choice of digital marketing channels: web sites, PR, social media, search, pay-per-click, events, and email, in addition to traditional media such newspapers, TV, and radio.

In the past, businesses promoted themselves and their products and services by pushing advertisements and promotions to their audiences on traditional media. Many of today’s buyers are more likely to gather information, such as user stories, research, white papers and other content on the web long before they ever contact vendors. Thus, marketing communication is not as much about you (the business). It’s about providing more information than promotion, which prospects (your target audience) are looking for and educating them.

This session will bring together experts with digital marketing, content marketing, and journalism backgrounds in tech and health sciences to discuss questions such as:

  1. How startups with tight resources determine their marketing communication priorities?
  1. How content marketing works, how to create content for marketing, and how to measure success?
  2. What gets a journalist interested in covering your story and how a reporter would like to be contacted?

Come learn from our panelists about content marketing and how to make it work for your business. This event is not to be missed!




daleDale Bertrand, Founder, Chimaera Labs


Dale Bertrand is an entrepreneur and marketing expert. He is the owner of Chimaera Labs, a digital marketing agency that specializes in search, pay per click advertising, content marketing, and email automation. Prior to founding Chimaera Labs, Dale served in web development and marketing roles at GrabCAD.com and Pixability. He earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering at Brown University.  www.chimaeralabs.com/contact-us/


michaelMichael Gerard, Advisor, degology


Michael Gerard is a data-driven marketing executive who is an advisor at degology. He was chief marketing officer at Curata, where he led demand generation initiatives at the content marketing and curation software company.


For almost 10 years, Michael was Vice President in IDC’s Executive Advisory Practice where he led a staff of consultants and researchers who delivered benchmarks, best practices, and consulting services to marketers and sales leaders at companies such as HP, IBM, Intel, and Citrix. He also held sales and marketing positions at companies such as Millipore and Keenan Software. Michael earned his MBA at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

ameetaAmeeta Soni, CMO, 

Ameeta has been working with technology startups in many roles – marketer, founder, consultant, board member, and advisor.   She co-founded fitness app provider FitTrace, and served as Chief Marketing Officer of PlatformQ Health, a digital media company focused on the healthcare market and VFA, a SaaS provider acquired by a private-equity backed company.  Ameeta chaired the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge and is a mentor at Techstars and LearnLaunch accelerators.  She is also a Charter Member of TiE Boston and former Overseer of the Boston Museum of Science.  Ameeta is a frequent blogger and speaker on marketing, digital, and strategic partnerships.  She received her MBA from the University of Chicago.



robertRobert Weisman, Business Reporter, Boston Globe

Robert Weisman has been a business reporter and editor for The Boston Globe since 2000. He began covering the technology industry but moved to healthcare and life sciences industries seven years ago. Prior to the Globe, Weisman was a business reporter and editor for the Hartford Courant and the Seattle Times. He is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication. www.bostonglobe.com



millieMillie Kwan, Founder, CEC Business Solutions

Millie Kwan is a digital marketing consultant with more than 20 years in IT development, management, education, and research. She is the founder and owner of CEC Business Solutions, a company which provides digital marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. Prior to starting her own company, Millie taught at Babson College, ESSEC Business School in Paris, and the University of Hong Kong. She has also led library automation projects at University of Rhode Island and the HELIN Library Consortium. Millie received a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Boston University and MS in Computer Science from Washington University in St Louis. She is a Vice-Chair of Boston ENET.



For more information or to register for the November 1 ENET  meeting,  go to http://www.boston-enet.org/event-2314279

or   www.boston-enet.org


I recruited Ameeta Soni as one of the speakers for  this meeting.


Hopefully, this meeting will be helpful to entrepreneurs in small and early stage companies I represent.  Hope to see you at ENET’s Waltham meeting place, at Constant Contact on November 1 at 630pm!


My Continuing role as ENET Chairman and frequent speaker & moderator…


I remain active in ENET, a Waltham and Boston/Cambridge based non-profit group, affiliated with IEEE, that aids tech and life science founders, entrepreneurs, small and early stage companies, and people who invest or work in those companies.  www.boston-enet.org


A member of the ENET Board since 2002, I have served as Chairman of the this non-profit group since 2009.  In May 2015, I was elected to my fourth  2-year term as ENET Chair.  During the period of my leadership, ENET’s annual program has grown from 10 meetings per year to 19 for 2015-16 year just completed:  10 meetings in Waltham, and 9  in Kendall Square Cambridge, plus our annual cruise of Boston Harbor to end the program year.  Each meeting has three or more speakers on a subject of interest to entrepreneurs and company founders, in life science, tech and other areas of New England’s innovation economy.  Each meeting also has ample networking time before and after the presentations to allow entrepreneurs to meet each other and later meet with the speakers


Besides my work as ENET Chair, and annual cruise director, I organized and moderated ENET’s kick-off  meeting of the current 2016-2017 program year and five (5)  meetings in the 2015-16 program year, just completed.



The five (5) earlier meetings in ENET’s last program year 2015-16 program year, that included moderating and speaking at these meetings -.



On May 17, 2016, I was organizer, moderator and a speaker  on ” Impact Entrepreneurship and Your Triple Bottom Line”,   with Cheryl Kiser, Mark Donohue and Rebecca Hamilton, an all star panel on this subject, where I concluded the proceedings speaking about certified B corps and Chapter 156E the newly enacted benefit corporation law in Massachusetts.  to see my slides and others, go to




On April 5, 2016, I was meeting organizer and moderator for the ENET meeting on “Strategic Alliances for M&A and Successful Exits”.  We had three great speakers including Charles Lax on Grand Banks Capital and Richard Kimball of Bigelow & Associates.  To see my write up on the meeting and slides from each of our four speakers,  go to http://www.boston-enet.org/event-2017600


On January 5, 2016, I was meeting organizer and moderator for the ENET meeting on Product Development in Life Science & Tech Startups.”   We had four wonderful and quite complimentary speakers, a full house in Waltham, with 112 in attendance,  and great audience questions.  We began with the big picture of product development across life science fields and then focused on a single company’s successful development, launching and sales of a customer-driven medical device / consumer product.  Then moving to tech, our third speaker focused on key design issues and our 4th speaker closed on scaling and production issues.  To see my write up on the meeting and slides from each of our four speakers,  go to http://www.boston-enet.org/event-2017595


On October 6, 2015, I was meeting organizer and moderator for the ENET meeting on “Innovative Ways to Bootstrap Your Startup Company.”   We had three great speakers, a full house in Waltham and great audience questions.  To see my write up on the meeting and slides from each of our three ENET speakers, go to http://boston-enet.org/event-2017582


joanneOne of the highlights of the October 6 ENET meeting was the presentation of  Joanne Lang, Founder and CEO of AboutOne, www.aboutone.com/about/our-story/   Joanne is  based in Philadelphia and flew in special, at her own cost, to give her presentation for ENET.  Joanne’s slides, “”Bring Your Product to Market Bootstrapped Style… and Keep it there” –  were also excellent, a great and continuing resource for founders and entrepreneurs to use and reference, LINK  http://boston-enet.org/resources/Documents/Presentation_Lang.pdf