Handling Succession of First-Time Founder CEOs

This is an article I wrote in the August 24, 2007 issue of  Mass High Tech, dealt with the issue of succession in startup companies that succeed in their launch, seeking growth capital from VCs.  Despite success in launch, investors often force succession of the first-time founder with a new CEO experienced in maintaining in scaling the company to new growth.  My article offers suggestions to try to make the succession successful for all sides.  However, my article also takes account of the founder’s point of view and offers pointers to the first time founder on things to watch out for, how to respond and how to protect your interest as a shareholder and employee when succession is to occur.

LINK: http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/blog/mass-high-tech/2007/08/handling-succession-of-first-time-founder.html?page=all  or  on my website https://www.executiveemploymentattorney.com/articles-section/founder-succession-protections/

If you are a CEO and facing succession issues or if you have other employment, stock or options issues in your company position, please contact me at radelson@engelschultz.com.


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