Ft. Rucker and Beyond… Lt. William Adelson


Ft. Rucker and Beyond … Defense sector civilian job for Lt. William Adelson


This summer, my wife Julia and I will journey to Fort Rucker, Alabama, to attend  graduation ceremonies for our son William Adelson, a 1st Lt. with the Massachusetts National Guard. He graduates the programs after 17-months training as helicopter pilot for the National Guard.


After his return in August and September, William will have additional training with the National Guard, but will then begin a networking campaign to seek full time employment in marketing, sales or logistics with a civilian contractor to the US defense sector based in New England. He would seek an employer that would accept his continuing limited monthly obligations to the National Guard, based at Camp Edwards on Cape Cod, and hopefully en employer who would consider his National Guard service an asset when working with the defense department.


William is 24 years old, as said a first lieutenant in the Massachusetts National Guard, with a secret security clearance. With graduation, he will be a rated US60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot with an FAA license to fly rotary wing aircraft.


Besides his knowledge of US Army aviation, he have other business skills to offer a defense contractor employer. These include direct sales experience, social media marketing experience, and completion of a course in front end web development.


In his aviation training, William has demonstrated his ability to master complex military hardware systems including the Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter systems and the Blackhawk helicopter system,. He has acquired and maintained skills to aviate in Visual Meteorological Conditions and Instrument Meteorological Conditions, he understands atmospheric sciences and the effects of weather on aviation and he understands aerodynamics and the effects on rotary wing aircraft. Additionally, William earned a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship to University of Colorado and during his 4 years, he gained considerable experience in logistics. He was the only Cadet Logistics Officer in the United States who volunteered supply hours to his/her battalion. William had the #2 rated supply room in the United States according to Cadet Command. The Golden Buffalo Battalion awarded William two ceremonial coins to recognize his shop’s success.


William has a small list of contacts he plans to call on in the Autumn 2015. If you work in the defense sector or have contacts who do, William is looking forward to expanding his base of contacts as he seeks a full-time civilian position with a defense contractor. If you have leads or suggestions, you can email me at radeslon@engelschultz.com or William directly at William.adelson@colorado.edu.


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