Forming a Corporation or LLC Equals Many Choices to Consider

On March 28, 2012, my article on this subject was published by Mass High Tech. ( now part of Boston Business Journal).

My article discusses the simplicity offered by a single member LLC, the differences between an S corporation and a C corporation, and the potential payroll tax savings for single business owners of using an S corporation.

The article also discusses the benefits of a corporation (S or C corporation) when multiple partners or employee equity is involved and the desirability of a C corporation where there are off shore investors or to attract professional Angel or VC investment.

The merits of Delaware and Nevada corporations to attract VC investment vs. the merits of Massachusetts or the local state of the business to save costs are also considered in my article.

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Hopefully, this will provided useful information to any who are going into business or for any of you who seek liability protection and entity formation for an existing business or service.  If you or a friend or colleague is forming an LLC or corporation and you or they have questions or needs assistance with requirements, key terms and documentation, please do call me at 617-875-8665 or e-mail