For those who are engaged in or otherwise involved with a family business and have legal and family business issues, I offer a complimentary initial consultation.  This June offer is good for the next four weeks, i.e. for the remainder of the month of June and the next week until Friday July 8th.

The subject for the consultation will be to discuss questions, issues and need for legal assistance concerning the family business.  Some of the issues for this consultation could include one or more of the following:

  • Succession in the family business
  • Need for greater communication or creation of a family council
  • Employment termination of a family member
  • Recruitment or retention of non-family members
  • Building Boards of Directors or Advisors
  • Uses and implementation of a phantom stock plan
  • Division of the family business
  • Preparation and planning for the sale of a family business

The consultation would be at my Boston office, for up to an hour, with one or more people in attendance as you desire.   Hopefully, by the end of the consultation, I will have responded to your needs and delivered significant value to you.  My hope is that you would then want more and we could move on to a further paying legal assignment, as you determine and according to your needs.   However, further work would be up to you.  There is no commitment beyond the initial consultation, which is complimentary.

To arrange a “Complimentary Family Business Consultation” – e-mail me at  , with your name, address, daytime phone. I look forward to working with you!

Robert Adelson


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