Executive Employment Law Work

Executive Employment Attorney Work: For CEOs and Senior Executives


As a senior executive or employee, how can Robert Adelson help you in his work as a business and tax attorney?


Robs law work continues to focus as one of his client niches on –

Executives and Employees (whether CEO, COO, CMO, VP-Sales, CTOs or other executives or employees) – negotiating, drafting or advising on offer letters, employment contracts, retention or severance agreements including key employment terms, compensation, bonus structure; relocation, tax gross-ups; retention, change of control and parachute provisions; the terms of stock or options, phantom stock, vesting arrangements; Section 409A issues and deferred compensation; termination including wrongful termination issues and severance; non-competes, NDAs and other restrictive covenants.

See also my personal web site focused on my representation of senior executives and employees.  LINK: www.ExecutiveEmploymentAttorney.com

To view representative cases, where I have successfully represented senior executives, go to: http://www.executiveemploymentattorney.com/Representative-Cases/

To view client testimonials from CEOs, CMOs and other senior executives, go to: http://www.executiveemploymentattorney.com/Practice-Areas/Testimonials.shtml



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