Ethics and the Consultant: Facing ethical issues with clients, billing and business opportunities in your consulting practice.

On May 26, 2011, I spoke for 1 ½ hours on the above subject in Waltham, MA for the IEEE Consultants Network.  The presentation covered various ethical issues consultants face in their work including:

  • Consultant duties of loyalty to the client and the testing of such loyalty in balancing to satisfy a diverse clientele;
  • Conflict of interest with work and business opportunities, issues of disclosure, waivers and appropriate resolution of such conflicts;
  • Consultant’s duty of zeal in the interest of clients – best efforts regardless of obstacles, informing the client’s judgment and honoring client’s decisions
  • Taking stock or options as all or part of your pay – positive and negative aspects, alignment of interests,  and “thinking out of the box” in working for startups
  • Treating Clients right is always good business – regardless of size or project

For information on this presentation, LINK:

For Slides, LINK:

If you are consultant or contractor and have questions or need assistance on a client contract or any of these or other issues in your business,  please let me know.


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