December 2022 Holiday Card

This holiday card and photograph are used here with the permission of wild life photographer Jerry Acton who enjoys sharing the beauty of nature from his home in New York’s Southern Tier.

All Best wishes to you and yours, for a joyous holiday season and
For success, prosperity, health and happiness,
In the coming year, 2023.

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Below are links to two earlier published articles of mine, that may be of interest.      

1. Are You Getting the C-Suite Executive Salary You Deserve?

Do you have a job offer as CEO or C-level executive with a startup company? In a turnaround situation?  Or a situation where you fill critical needs of the new employer? My article published by the IVYEXEC career planning website, suggests the terms you should seek in negotiating salary, and beyond that, the custom executive compensation package you deserve, and how best to secure company acceptance for a custom compensation package.

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 2. Getting Executive Severance when you Choose to Quit

My article published in CEOWORLD magazine designed for CEOs, C-suite executives and other senior executives who for reasons beyond their control want to quit their current position and ought to be able to get appropriate executive severance compensation in connection with their separation.

To see my CEOWorld magazine article, go to LINK:   …. Or on my website

Robert Adelson at 101 Federal Street, Boston, MA

for CEOs, C-Level and Senior Executives

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• Executive Compensation and Bonus Structures
• Retention, Change-of-control Agreements
• Wrongful Termination, Separation Agreements
• Non-competes, NDAs and Restrictive Covenants

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