December 2014 Business Law Newsletter

This holiday card and photograph are used here with the permission of wild life photographer Jerry Acton who enjoys sharing the beauty of nature from his home in New York’s Southern Tier.

 All Best wishes to you and yours, for a joyous holiday season and

For success, prosperity, health and happiness,

In the coming year, 2015.



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Two earlier  posts to my Business Law Blog that may be of interest are:

1.      Employment Termination and Severance

If your employment is terminated, what are the bases for claiming wrongful termination?  What  recourse do you have?  What techniques can you employ in negotiating severance?  What strategies do employers use to limit their exposure?  More Details Here

2.      Forming a Corporation or LLC equals many choices

Are you forming a new business?  Are you creating an entity for an existing business?  Learn how the LLC, the S corporation and the C Corporation, Delaware vs. Mass. each have their place, use and special benefits depending on your particular situation.  More Details Here


Corporate, Tax, Contracts and Trademark Law Services for:

Early Stage Companies and Entrepreneurs

CEOs and Senior Executives

Consultants and Service Providers

Family Businesses in transition


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