Consultants – How To Make Sure You Get Paid For Your Work

This was a presentation on October 22, 2008 in Waltham is for IEEE Consultants’ Network.  I spoke along with Larry Nelson (who did a great job as pinch-hitter for Nathan Sokal)  on preventive, contractual, and enforcement methods to give consultants greater likelihood of payment and collection.  Larry Nelson spoke as a long-experienced engineer /consultant and I spoke as an attorney who represents independent consultants.  Among the subject I covered in my “law side” of the presentation were proactive billing/collection ways to aid collection to avoid litigation, including:

  • Getting paid with secured promissory note, stock or options when cash not paid
  • Key tax issues involved in taking non-cash payment
  • Completing work, deliver value to the client, then use a workman’s lien to reek havoc on the non-paying client if work bundled by that client for resale

For CNET meeting information, LINK: My slides for this presentation are also available on request by e-mail to me.


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