CEO Signing Bonuses

Signing bonuses for CEOs becoming more common


This is an article of mine published in December 2013, at my website


This article discusses the importance of the signing bonus to the CEO or other key senior executives due to –


  • Loss of benefits from prior position and need to be made whole for that loss
  • Risk in undertaking a new position and culture
  • Challenges the new company may pose that the new CEO must surmount


The article further benefits of the signing bonus to companies that seek to make a big impact with their hire, and seek a proven talent to do so.  Also discussed, are the high expectations that go with a substantial signing bonus, and the often limited runway a CEO or other senior executive had to prove his or her worth.


To read more, LINK:


If you are a CEO or other C-level executive considering a new position, expect to receive or have received a job offer, and desire aid in negotiating your signing bonus, your equity package, your bonus plan, paid or deferred comp, your severance or change of control provisions or other employment terms, please do give me a call or shoot me an email.


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