Business Succession Planning – For the Family Business, For the Closely Held Business

This was the subject of a 4-hour seminar presentation I gave previously for Foundation for Continuing Education,  in Natick, Massachusetts.  Attendance at the seminar conferred 4 credit units for continuing education for accountants and financing professionals. My seminar focused on tax, corporate, contract & family issues in succession planning, including the following:

  • Preparing the company for succession and then implementing a succession plan,
  • Strategies to keep the business within the family or to carry out the successful sale of the business,
  • For sales, business and tax analysis of alternative structures such sales can take, as asset or stock sales, taxable or largely non-taxable dispositions.

For an outline of my presentation, see


If questions arise or assistance is needed on succession planning in your family or closely held business or the sale, purchase or merger of a company, please let me know.