Business Law Update

How can Robert Adelson help you in his work as a business attorney?
Rob’s law work continues to focus in four client niches –

►  Smaller and Early Stage Companies (and the entrepreneurs who found them) – including commercial contracts for sales, marketing or distribution; raising capital from VCs, angels or alternative sources; trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property protection and licensing; allocation of equity, vesting and shareholder agreements; employee recruitment, offer letters, employee stock options or phantom stock; partnership, joint ventures and strategic alliances; mergers, acquisitions and strategic changes and dissolutions.
Executives and Employees (whether CEO, COO, CMO, VP-Sales, other executives or employees) – negotiating employment terms, compensation, bonus structure; relocation, tax gross-ups; retention, change of control and parachute provisions; the terms of stock or options, phantom stock, vesting arrangements; Section 409A and deferred compensation; termination including wrongful termination issues and severance; non-competes, NDAs and other restrictive covenants.
►  Consultants and Service providers – including issues of entity formation with incorporation, LLC or LLP and liability limitation; trademarks and trade identification; contracts with clients, compensation issues including taking stock or options as part of compensation; vendor contracts and subcontracting arrangements; issues of intellectual property development and ownership.
Family Businesses – Board building and family councils; phantom stock and other incentives for key non-family personnel; succession plans to pass the business on to the next generation or to prepare and execute a sale on the best terms; other business issues faced in the context of family business.

In this work, Rob utilizes his 30-year business, tax, contracts, employment and intellectual property law experience and the diverse talents of Engel & Schultz LLP, our 5-attorney general practice Boston law office.  The skills of my fellow attorneys (all of whom have over 20 years law experience) include commercial and employment litigation, real estate, domestic relations, state and federal taxation. So, if you or someone you know has an issue in any of these areas, please call or e-mail me. To visit our website, see

For a recently updated list of my publications, including links to additional published articles and presentation outlines, see

Our offices are on the 18th floor, Suite 1801, of 265 Franklin Street (building pictured above).  For reference, International Place is across the street at our rear, the High St. entrance (behind our building in the picture above).  We are one block from Post Office Square in Boston’s Financial District.

* * *

How else can Rob Adelson help you in business?

Besides his articles and presentations, Rob remains active in two groups that aid entrepreneurs, small and early stage companies, and people who invest or work in those companies.

First, 128 Innovation Capital Group (128 ICG) (, now in its 6th year since, as a founder, Rob helped that group re-emerge from the 128 Venture Capital Group (founded in 1982).  Rob has been a 128 ICG board member since 2004 and through September 2010 had moderated ten (10) of the 21 meetings to date in 2009-2010, including the following:

  • Uncovering the DNA of Entrepreneurship  – a Discussion on What it Really Takes to Start and Build Businesses, September 16, 2010, with Tony Tjan, Founder and Managing Partner of Cue Ball Capital.
  • Investment Outlook – Back to Basics, August 12, 2010, with Matt Fates, Partner with Ascent Venture Partners.
  • Soaring Through the Cloud with Murat Bicer of Battery Ventures, July 8, 2010 where Murat was good enough to substitute for Sunil Dhaliwal, a partner at Battery Ventures.  To view Murat’s fine slides, see
  • Mobile Innovation in New England: Entrepreneurial Opportunities for the Future, April 8, 2010, with Sean Marsh, CoFounder and General Partner, Point Judith Capital.  To view slides from Sean’s fine presentation, see

Second, the IEEE Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network (ENET) ( ), where Rob hase been on the Board for the last eight years, and now serve as Chairman. On September 7, 2010, Rob began his second year as ENET chairman, moderating ENET’s kickoff event for 2010-2011 ENET’s 20th year, a panel discussion on Launching a Successful Business.  The meeting dealt with what it takes to launch your idea into a successful company from those who have done it.  We heard from three entrepreneurs who have stepped out on their own and had success in launching and developing their companies. This meeting focused on things the entrepreneur did in the early days – planning, organizing and actions launching – that ultimately led to a successful venture.  Our three speakers, whom I recruited each offered their experiences starting companies and investing in companies (one speaker is an angel and another, a VC), are as follows:

  • Eric Giler, CEO of  WiTricity that commercializes an exciting new technology for wireless electricity ( ).  Mass Technology Leadership Council named WiTricity “Emerging Innovative Company of 2009” and Mass High Tech named Eric an “All-Star of New England Innovation Economy”.
  • Martin Clifford, CEO of Sittercity, a company whose web site matches parents with local babysitters, nannies, dog walkers, senior care providers and tutors, with over a million caregiver profiles nationwide ( )
  • William Rodriguez, MD, CEO of Daktari Diagnostics, a company focused on the most pressing challenges in global health, developing simple, accurate, and affordable products that deliver critical diagnostic information to clinicians and patients across the globe ( ).

For the article Rob wrote on this presentation on Licensing Technology including speaker bios for that evening, that appeared in the September 2010 Reflector, see

To see slides from each of these speakers, go to the September 7, 2010 meeting at:

I hope these efforts can help you.  I would love the opportunity to work with you or to work with you again.


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