Business Law Update

Business Law Update

How can Robert Adelson help you in his work as a business attorney?


Rob’s law work continues to focus in my four client niches –


►  Smaller and Early Stage Companies (and the entrepreneurs who found them) – including commercial contracts for sales, marketing or distribution; raising capital from VCs, angels or alternative sources; trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property protection and licensing; allocation of equity, vesting and shareholder agreements; employee recruitment, offer letters, employee stock options or phantom stock; partnership, joint ventures and strategic alliances; mergers, acquisitions and strategic changes and dissolutions.


Executives and Employees (whether CEO, COO, CMO, VP-Sales, CTOs or other executives or employees) – negotiating employment contracts, stock, options, bonuses, retention, severance and termination arrangements.  See my website focused on this executive employment work.  LINK:


►  Consultants and Service providers – including issues of entity formation with incorporation, LLC or LLP and liability limitation; trademarks and trade identification; contracts with clients, compensation issues including taking stock or options as part of compensation; vendor contracts and subcontracting arrangements; issues of intellectual property development and ownership.


Family Businesses –  Board building and family councils; phantom stock and other incentives for key non-family personnel; succession plans to pass the business on to the next generation or to prepare and execute a sale on the best terms; division of the family business; other business issues faced in the context of family business.


In this work, I utilize my 30-year business, tax, contracts, employment and intellectual property law experience and the diverse talents of Engel & Schultz LLP, our 5-attorney general practice Boston law office.  The skills of my fellow attorneys (all of whom have over 20 years law experience) include commercial and employment litigation, real estate, domestic relations, state and federal taxation. So, if you or someone you know has an issue in any of these areas, please call or e-mail me. To visit our website, see


For a recently updated list of my publications, including links to additional published articles and presentation outlines, see


See also, my Business Law Blog at

Our offices are on the 18th floor, Suite 1801, of 265 Franklin Street (building pictured above).  For reference, International Place is across the street at our rear, the High St. entrance (behind our building in the picture above).  We are one block from Post Office Square in Boston’s Financial District.


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