Building Superior Teams: Key to Growth and Funding in your Startup Company … Lessons learned when you build from scratch

This presentation on March 3, 2009 was for IEEE Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network, where I was moderator for a three person panel on Building Superior Management Teams for startup and early stage companies.  Investors invest in people:  the management team that must have the skills and dexterity to succeed where others have failed.  Seldom is a business plan carried out precisely on plan – there are pitfalls, changes, choices to be made. Superior teams have the right combination of energy, drive, knowledge, experience and creativity.  Our panel addressed:

  • How do you build that superior “A” team?
  • How do you retain that management team so you can build a scalable business and achieve funding and commercialization?
  • How do you build superior teams in hard economic times when you are short of funds?

Our panel included experienced leaders who have led numerous startup companies and investors who’ve invested in startups based on trusted management.

For my slides for this presentation, LINK:

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