Building and Benefiting from Female Participation in Startup Teams: ENET Meeting, May 16, 2017

Two weeks from tonight, on Tuesday, may 16, 2017 at 6pm, the Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network (ENET), will hold a meeting with speakers on this subject, at the group’s Cambridge location:  Pivotal Labs, at 255 Main Street, 6th 3rd Floor, in Kendall Square, one door east on Main St. from the Cambridge Marriott in Kendall Square. The location is right at the Kendall Red line T stop.  If you drive, there is $10 parking after 6pm, just down Broadway at Blue Garage next door to EMC at 145 Broadway,

For startups and established businesses looking to hire new candidates, there are some key reasons why you should balance your workforce through the inclusion, development and expansion of women. More diversity leads to enhanced creativity and is a better reflection of society. With women being over 50 percent of the global population, what reason can you give if your business is 100 percent men?

Having a workforce made up of different genders from a variety of backgrounds demonstrates integrity and will in turn boost your startup company’s reputation and increase your customer base through the widespread appeal that it will generate.

The panelists for this meeting are outstanding and successful executives who will share their knowledge and firsthand experience in hiring and working with women and benefitting from doing so.

6:00 – 7:00 PM Registration & networking
7:00 – 7:10 PM ENET Chairman’s announcements
7:10 -7:25 PM E Minute – Up to 3 Startup companies’ presentations
7:25 -8:15 PM – 3 expert speakers on the night’s topic
8:15 -8:30 PM – Audience / Speakers Q & A
8:30 -9:00 PM – Final networking including meeting speakers


Arienzo, MaurizioMaurizio Arienzo, Ph.D., President and CEO, Ferric Semiconductor, Inc.

Maurizio has over 25 years of experience in executive management in growing businesses, creating new markets, and delivering high-tech products to market both profitably and on time. He has a unique combination of business acumen and technology expertise … in a broad range of industries, including consumer, computer, microelectronics, solar energy, automotive security and surveillance, aerospace and healthcare. From May 2001 to March 2005 he was President and CEO of SMaL Camera Technologies, Inc. In 2003 SMaL Camera Technologies, Inc. was named the #1 Rising Star in North America on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, and won the SBANE New England Innovation Award. In 2005 Maurizio led a successful negotiation of a Merger with Cypress (NYSE: CY). Prior to SMaL Camera Technologies, Inc., Maurizio was Vice President and General Manager of ATI Technology (NYSE: ATYT). Prior to ATI, he was with IBM for 14 years, where he eventually became the Director of VLSI Design and Communications Technology. He instigated and led a radical shift from bipolar to CMOS technology for mainframe computers, as well as managed the Deep Blue Chess Project, which defeated world champion Garry Kasparov. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and he sits on the board of several organizations worldwide. In 2003 Maurizio was awarded the Mass High Tech All-Star Award for his contributions to Hardware Technologies. Maurizio, a Fulbright Fellow, has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Brown University, and a Laurea in Electronic Engineering from University of Naples, Italy.

Julia Geisman - Career Agility CEOJulia Geisman, Founder and CEO, CareerAgility

Julia recognized that women continue to struggle in reaching executive leadership positions despite 40 years of concerted effort. She understood the cause of the problem lies with multiple factors: societal expectations that influence attitudes, workplace cultures, as well as the women themselves. She also realized that the time is right to tackle this problem. This is why she founded CareerAgility.

​She brings her years of experience working with global companies to provide the knowledge and skills people need to succeed at their jobs, build successful teams, and to create work environments in which everyone thrives. She believes measuring impacts is the key to sustained change. Her systemic view of problem-solving guided the creation of CareerAgility’s integrated approach to achieving gender equality in the workplace and empowering women to seize the available opportunities.

​As an international speaker on a variety of gender equality topics, Julia is known for her ability to engage and motivate participants leading to greater understanding. She is the author of Your CareerNexus, a series of eGuidebooks developed to help women increase their success in advocating for themselves and integrating their personal and professional goals.

​Julia has a master’s degree in Organizational Management and Development. She has been on the faculty of Boston University’s part-time MBA program, Suffolk University, Wentworth Institute, and has been a guest lecturer at Bentley University. She volunteers as a coach for Babson’s CTLP and is a Big Sister.

Jhun de VillaJhun de Villa, MD, CPHQ

Jhun is a quality and statistical analysis consultant with Healthcare Quality Consultants in Jacksonville, FL. with expertise and experience in quality management, risk management, patient safety and process design. Prior to that, he was Surgical Quality & Patient Safety Leader at Massachusetts General Hospital. He has also practiced as a physician, surgeon and professor in the Philippines for 10 years. Jhun received his Doctor of Medicine degree from University of the City of Manila and is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. He volunteers at the U.S. Air Force as a subject matter expert in Healthcare and Tricare insurance for retirees.


Brigid SiegelBrigid Oliveri Siegel, Managing Partner, Brigid Siegel Associates.

Brigid Siegel is managing partner at Brigid Siegel Associates where she conducts retained executive searches. In this capacity, she focuses on finding and developing leaders as well as building effective managing teams which will guarantee success in any technology, life sciences or biotech field.

Brigid began her career in the high technology industry over 30 years ago and in executive search, 20 years ago. She was a partner and management consultant at Ward Howell, Inc., a partner at Polachi, a Managing Director with The Onstott Group, a Senior Partner at Heidrick & Struggles and a Vice President with Fenwick Partners. Throughout her retained executive search career Brigid has successfully completed numerous senior executive search assignments for clients ranging from emerging growth companies to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Brigid studied at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Lowell Technological Institute. Her executive search industry expertise has been cited in the Boston Business Journal, the New York Post, as well as Hunt Scanlon’s Executive Recruiting Industry Newswire. She was also a member of the Executive Board of the WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Venture Forum for seven years and is currently a Boston ENET Vice Chairperson and an Executive Board member.


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Hopefully, this meeting on Building and Benefiting from Female Participation in Startup Teams will be helpful to the early stage entrepreneurs and companies I represent.  Hope to see you at Pivotal Labs in Kendall Square Cambridge in two weeks, 6pm on May 16!

For additional information on Women Executives…

I helped with the organization of this May 16, 2017 ENET meeting.

I also wrote an article that was published April 25, 2017 on Executive Employment Contracts for Women CEOs – Terms and Negotiations.”

This article of mine is also mentioned in bullet #3 of my May 2017 Business Law Newsletter.  Here is the link to that discussion. LINK:

Here is a link to the published article. LINK:

So, if you are any of these people

  • Woman executive facing employment negotiations
  • Woman seeking to participate in a startup or early stage venture,
  • Person interested in either or both subjects for the benefit of a friend, spouse or other family member

It is my hope that either ENET’s May 16 presentation or my April 25 article, or both will benefit you or someone else.   Also, if I can be of further help, please do reach out to me.

My Continuing role as ENET Chairman and frequent speaker & moderator…

I remain active in ENET, a Waltham and Cambridge based non-profit group, affiliated with IEEE, that aids tech and life science founders, entrepreneurs, small and early stage companies, and people who invest or work in those companies.

A member of the ENET Board since 2002, I have served as Chairman of this non-profit group since 2009.  In May 2015, I was elected to my fourth 2-year term as ENET Chair.  During the period of my leadership, ENET’s annual program has grown from 10 meetings per year to 19 for 2015-16 year just completed:  10 meetings in Waltham, and 9 in Kendall Square Cambridge, plus our annual cruise of Boston Harbor to end the program year.  Each meeting has three or more speakers on a subject of interest to entrepreneurs and company founders, in life science, tech and other areas of New England’s innovation economy.  Each meeting also has ample networking time before and after the presentations to allow entrepreneurs to meet each other and later meet with the speakers

Rob Adelson receives IEEE awardOn January 30, 2016, at a ceremony at the national meeting of IEEE-USA in Las Vegas, NV, the President of that organization Peter Eckstein (pictured below) presented me with the IEEE-USA professional achievement award for “extreme dedication and contributions to the IEEE entrepreneurial community”.  For more information on that award, see LINK:


In the prior program year, Sept 2015 to July 2016, I organized and moderated five of 19 ENET’s meetings, that included moderating and speaking at these meetings –

On May 17, 2016, I was organizer, moderator and a speaker on ” Impact Entrepreneurship and Your Triple Bottom Line”, with Cheryl Kiser, Mark Donohue and Rebecca Hamilton, an all-star panel on this subject, where I concluded the proceedings speaking about certified B corps and Chapter 156E the newly enacted benefit corporation law in Massachusetts.  to see my slides and others, go to

On April 5, 2016, I was meeting organizer and moderator for the ENET meeting on “Strategic Alliances for M&A and Successful Exits”.  We had three great speakers including Charles Lax on Grand Banks Capital and Richard Kimball of Bigelow & Associates.  To see my write up on the meeting and slides from each of our four speakers, go to

On January 5, 2016, I was meeting organizer and moderator for the ENET meeting on Product Development in Life Science & Tech Startups.”   We had four wonderful and quite complimentary speakers, a full house in Waltham, with 112 in attendance, and great audience questions.  We began with the big picture of product development across life science fields and then focused on a single company’s successful development, launching and sales of a customer-driven medical device / consumer product.  Then moving to tech, our third speaker focused on key design issues and our 4th speaker closed on scaling and production issues.  To see my write up on the meeting and slides from each of our four speakers, go to

On October 6, 2015, I was meeting organizer and moderator for the ENET meeting on “Innovative Ways to Bootstrap Your Startup Company.”   We had three great speakers, a full house in Waltham and great audience questions.  To see my write up on the meeting and slides from each of our three ENET speakers, go to

One of the highlights of the October 6 ENET meeting was the presentation of  Joanne Lang, CEO at Artz LLC and Founder Colliders Pre-Accelerator, see and   Joanne is based in Philadelphia and flew in special, at her own cost, to give her presentation for ENET.  Joanne’s slides, “”Bring Your Product to Market Bootstrapped Style… and Keep it there” –  were also excellent, a great and continuing resource for founders and entrepreneurs to use and reference, LINK