April 2011 Newsletter

I hope you have had a good winter and now look forward to spring.  I’m writing you today to stay in touch and provide this update with links to two upcoming presentations and other information that you may find valuable.

1.       Report Card on local entrepreneurs: Tuesday April 12th

Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network (ENET) meeting in Cambridge, MA 4/12/11. Networking and a talk by Jack Derby on how local entrepreneurs are succeeding or failing.  More Details Here

2.       Clean Energy investments: Thursday April 14th

Dennis R. Costello, Managing PartnerofBraemar Energy Ventures, will discuss how clean energy investments are the same and different from other investments in Waltham 4/14/11. More Details Here

3.       Business Law Update

Robert Adelson, Boston attorney and partner at Engel & Shultz LLP, represents small companies, executives and employees, independent consultants and family businesses. Learn how he can help you. More Details Here

4.       Negotiating your Next Raise or Employment Agreement

Learn what sales, marketing or other executives need to know before negotiating their next raise, compensation plan or employment agreement. … More Details Here

5.       Consulting, Licensing and Subcontracting

Negotiation strategies for consultants and entrepreneurs and terms to include in contracts for consulting, licensing, software development, distribution and subcontracting.  More Details Here

6.       Phantom Stock

Are you involved in a family business or non-profit that can’t offer equity to recruit and retain outside talent?  Learn how “phantom stock” can offer a leg up in recruitment.   More Details Here

7.       Spring Offer: Good until April 30th

This month I have a value-packed offer as a way to get introduced to my law work: a complimentary consultation on trademarks – this offer is good through April 30th. More Details Here

It’s always a pleasure to get back in touch with you and other clients, friends and colleagues.  I hope the links and information provided will be useful to you and that there will be an opportunity for me to work with you on legal matters in the near future.

Let’s keep in touch!

Best regards,


Robert Adelson
617-951-9980 ext 205


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